Alabama Health Libraries Association
Statewide Planning Meeting on Health
Information Outreac
h: March 11-12, 2004
The Wynfrey Hotel at Riverchase Galleria Birmingham, AL

Draft Meeting Agenda

  • Introductions
  • Purpose
  • Objectives for the Meeting
  • Overview of NN/LM structure, information outreach, and a sample of the variety of programs that have been implemented in various places
  • Presentations on resources to participants
  • Overview of current outreach projects in Alabama
  • Discussion of effectiveness of various outreach projects in Alabama, past and present
  • Identification of specific needs and populations to be targeted with outreach efforts
  • Small group brainstorming on collaboration projects
  • Discussion of effective methods and collaborations to reach targeted needs and populations
  • Planning for further needs analysis and information gathering regarding information outreach
  • Formulation of concrete goals and conclusions resulting from the meeting
Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Increase awareness of scope of information outreach projects that are possible

1. Familiarize participants with the structure and purpose of the NN/LM, including funding opportunities available to members
2. Gather and collate information on a broad variety of information outreach projects prior to the meeting
3. Present information on projects that have been successful in other  areas

Goal 2: Identify current outreach projects underway in the state


1. Contact relevant individuals throughout the state in order to gather input on projects in which they are involved
2. Summarize current projects at the meeting
3. Gather additional input on current projects from the participants during the meeting

Goal 3: Discuss and analyze effectiveness of current and past information outreach efforts (what has worked well, what hasn't, and why)


1. Hear input during the meeting on successes and failures from individuals that have been involved in information outreach projects
2. Solicit comments and suggestions in response from participants
3. Identify and list for future planning successful strategies and pitfalls to avoid
Goal 4: Build awareness of resources available amongst participants to encourage future collaborations


1. Familiarize participants with resources available in the state through presentations and discussion with colleagues
2. Develop a resource guide to information resources, individuals, and areas of interest and expertise for future reference and collaboration

Goal 5: Identify needs and populations to be targeted with outreach efforts


1. Discuss as a group the needs and populations with which participants are familiar through their experience
2. Develop a plan for determining other unidentified needs and populations

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