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ALHeLA Executive Committee Joins Library Associations in Condemning Violence, Calling for Advocacy

The Executive Committee of the Alabama Health Libraries Association (ALHeLA) affirms the values expressed in statements by the Medical Library Association and American Library Association as they condemn the recent attacks on government employees and elected officials carrying out essential democratic functions. Free expression and information access are foundational components of the professional ethics of librarians, paired with a responsibility to support reasoned inquiry and evidence-based decision making. Acts of violence are irreconcilable with these ethics, as well as with the principles of democratic societies and efforts to build and sustain equitable, ideal living conditions in our communities. Violent actions, such as those we witnessed in the US Capitol on January 6th, are acts of terror, and not ever to be misconstrued as part of the free expression of a healthy society.

Libraries remain a crucial resource for trusted, reliable information in a time when the information landscape has become particularly difficult for many to navigate. Librarians excel in providing information and media literacy education to students and community members throughout the state of Alabama and beyond. We believe that a well-informed citizenry is crucial to democracy, civility, public health, and the overall quality of life. We hope that you will join us in advocating for libraries to receive the essential funding and support that makes it possible for librarians and library staff to connect the electorate with credible, accurate information. We invite anyone who seeks reliable, relevant information, regardless of topic, to contact and work with a librarian to find authoritative information resources.

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