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ALHeLA Electronic Discussion List

The electronic discussion list of the Alabama Health Libraries Association is called ALHELA. It is run from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and moderated by Jill Deaver. The list is open to both members and nonmembers of the association.

To subscribe to the list, send a message to:

To send a message to the list:

Questions or comments can be directed to the list moderator Jill Deaver at

List Guidelines

The Alabama Health Libraries Association (ALHeLA) discussion list is a resource for both members and non-members to send professional concerns, information, ideas, and questions pertaining to health and medical librarianship via email to subscribers to the ALHeLA discussion list.

The ALHeLA discussion list is not:

  1. a place for patrons and the general public to ask reference questions.  Those questions should be directed to a librarian at one’s local library.
  2. for advertisements.  Advertisements will not be accepted from anyone including ALHeLA members, publishers, and database vendors. However discussion of products, websites, etc. (best practices, purchase suggestions, etc) on the discussion list is acceptable and appropriate.
  3. for posting “job wanted” messages.for posting jobs that are outside of the field of medical librarianship.
  4. for distribution of political or social advocacy calls or announcements.
  5. for distribution of chain emails and general warnings (i.e. viruses, hoaxes, and other warnings).

When posting medical librarian job openings to the list  please (when possible):

  1. keep the announcement brief
  2. include contact information
  3. include a link to further information
  4. include the salary range

When sending messages out to the discussion list members please:

  1. limit communications to those that will be of interest to the medical librarians that subscribe to the list.
  2. avoid using the list as a place to distribute comedy, jokes, humor, etc (especially if it is not related to medical librarianship).
  3. do not try to send attachments (they will not go through).use plain text formatting for your messages (any other type of formatting such as HTML is not supported).
  4. use a descriptive subject line and create a new subject line if you are going to change the subject in a discussion.
  5. only use “reply to all” when everyone will be interested in what you have to say.  When there is an announcement on the discussion list of a member’s achievement(s), please send a message of congratulations or thanks only to that person. include contact information.
  6. be concise and to the point.
  7. check to see if someone else has already posted the information you are going to send.
  8. avoid posting inflammatory, threatening, abusive, or attacking messages.

To post to the discussion list, send your message to  If you subscribe to the list, any message you post will immediately be sent to other list subscribers.  If you submit a post and do not subscribe to the list, the list moderator will first check the message for adherence to the list guidelines and then the message will either be accepted or rejected based on its adherence to the list guidelines.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to the ALHeLA discussion list, send a message to

To view the discussion list archives, go to  You must subscribe to the discussion list to view the discussion list archives.

If you need assistance with using the discussion list or if you have any comments or questions please contact the discussion list moderator.

Under the spirit of these guidelines, the ALHeLA discussion list moderator reserves the right to refuse to post messages that fall outside of the guidelines.  Additionally, the list moderator may, if a contributor continually violates the discussion list guidelines, ban that contributor from posting to the discussion list.

 –Last updated September 23, 2009.