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My Health Librarian

Welcome to My Health Librarian, a health information service developed and provided by health sciences librarians throughout the state of Alabama. Our service is designed to give you access to the information discovery and information assessment expertise of Health Sciences Librarians who work every day to connect health care providers, researchers, students, and all Alabamians to reliable, trusted, and accurate health information. We can’t offer medical advice, and we strongly encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider about any questions you might have, but we can send you trustworthy resources to help you and your provider make the best decisions for you.

Our service is free and open for any of your health questions. We recognize that during the COVID-19 pandemic people have innumerable questions regarding everything from vaccines to safety protocols; we eagerly invite you to submit your COVID questions as well as non-COVID health questions! Upon submitting your question(s) via the form below or by email to, a Health Sciences Librarian will send you a response within 2 business days. We look forward to working with you as we all strive to help Alabamians to be equipped with reliable information about their individual and collective health!