1996 ALHeLA Annual Meeting

The 16th Annual Meeting of the Alabama Health Libraries Association is now in the history books! Attendees gathered in Birmingham at the UAB campus on September 5th and 6th for two days of workshops, presentations, networking, and fun!

Eugenie Prime of Hewlett Packard got us energized on Thursday morning (September 5th) with a challenge to us to break out of our molded ways of thinking of libraries and librarians in her workshop, "Beyond Reengineering." Coffee was available but unnecessary when Ms. Prime was there to wake us up to the possibilities! ("Why not a librarian as CEO?!")

Later that same day, Guy St. Clair of SMR International in New York conducted a workshop , "On Your Own, But Not Alone," on managing the minimally staffed library - just the thing for our busy hospital librarians!

A reception-style dinner capped off the evening at the historic Woodward House (official residence of the UAB President). Entertainment was provided by Dolores Hydock, storyteller and actress, who delighted her audience with a performance of her one-woman show, ChangePoints, a series of vignettes covering those large and small changes that occur throughout our lives and make us resilient and wise human beings.

Friday (September 6th) began with the keynote address presented by Scott Plutchak, director of the UAB Lister Hill Library, on the theme of "Reengineering and the Future of the Medical Library." Scott shared with us his pragmatic and clear-sighted vision of the medical library of the future, encompassing both our service traditions and our embrace of information technology.

Later that day, Scott was joined by Eugenie and Guy for a lively panel discussion on reengineering and the library. Among the issues discussed were those dealing with library promotion within the institution, effectiveness measures for library services, librarians' image, and the education of the medical librarian.

Finally, we closed the meeting with lunch and our annual business meeting, at which new officers were elected and a plaque was given to President Tammy Lee in thanks for her wonderful leadership.

For those who were able to make it, we trust the trip proved worthwhile, and for those who didn't, be sure to mark your calendars for next year!

The Program Committee included:

Program Chair: Kay Hogan
Continuing Education: Joan Lukins

We would like to give a special thanks to the sponsors who help make our meetings possible!

OVID Technologies
Readmore Inc.
Information Access Company
Educational Reviews
Baptist Health System
Medical Economics
Compass Bank
Regions Bank
Tuscaloosa Library Bindary
H.W. Wilson
Birmingham Magazine
University Hospital
Contri Bros. Gift Basket & Florist Inc.

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